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Consulta en línea rápida, fácil y gratuita.
Consulta en línea rápida, fácil y gratuita. No dude en preguntar sobre Cirugía Plástica, Dermatología y Clínica Dental.


2018-04-26 00:25
Hello, thank you for contacting ID Hospital and having an interest.

For the detailed consultation, we would like to know about your surgery detail.

Please let me know when you had surgery before and what kind of procedure are you interested in this time.

If you don't like certain part please also let me know so that I can recommend suitable procedures.

Best regards,

ID Hospital Korea



Please, I am intending to go to Seoul on next June for any plastic procedure as I am already 55 old man and I am not confident anymore with my image. If you kindly could recommend to me what procedure you see fit for me I would appreciate it very much aswell as the possible price for that procedure, I have had two lifting procedures years ago and one blepharoplasty which as you see does not look very natural.I will stay for 15 days in Seoul. I would very much like to have it done with you as your procedure are very natural. Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards

Juan Garcia
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